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Pets are an important part of your family. At Canine Acres we understand this. That is why we treat our guests like they’re our own. We do everything we can to make them feel comfortable and at home. 

We've thought of everything, so you don't have to...

Peaceful music constantly fills the boarding suites to create a relaxing environment. We have separated the boarding area into different zones to minimize stress and extra noise. While bedding is provided, we do allow owners to bring bedding and toys from home to create a more familiar environment for their pet. Also, we provide food and dishes for your pet to minimize the hassle of bringing their own.

Your canine will be treated like a king during his stay at our pet resort. Each guest is individually charted on four times each day. During these inspections we make sure they have clean bedding, fresh water, and check their overall well-being.   

Dinner for the dogs...

We believe that your dog deserves the best, which is why we serve Blue Buffalo dog food to our guests. This optional amenity is available for a small extra fee. 

Fun in the sun...

Our spacious, fenced-in, running areas provide an excellent place for your dog to get exercise every day. Each guest, or family group, is let out individually into their own run. They have safe interaction with our other guests through the fenced in area. This allows them to socialize with other dogs and promotes more exercise.

Cater to your canine...

To make your dogs stay extra special, we also have amenities that you can add to their vacation:

  • Treats or chew bones
  • Raised beds
  • Extra outs, walks, or playtimes
  • Massages
  • Grooming
  • And much more!

(Refer to the “Amenity List” for more information and details)

Dog Boarding Suite Options

As the pet parent, you must choose the pet boarding accommodations best suited for you and your pet. All boarding includes a minimum of 3 outdoor romps per day as well as daily housekeeping & meals. Some packages offer additional romps and amenities. All feedings are based on owner’s instructions. 

Luxury Suites

At Canine Acres, we know that your pets are an important part of your family. We also know that when you leave home you want your pet to be as comfortable as possible. That is why we have created our Luxury Suites, the 5 Star stay at Canine Acres where we guarantee comfort, relaxation, and fun!


Our LUXURY suites are designed for your canine to feel right at home while he stays with us. Each spacious suite has its own window to bring in natural light and sun. When your dog stays in this luxury room he will enjoy relaxing on his own twin bed that's loaded with blankets and pillows while he watches his favorite show in a flat screen TV. Our Luxury Suites are designed to provide familiar sounds and images, which will cause the environment to feel more like home and will reduce the stress of being away. In addition to the comfortable bed and TV, our LUXURY suites are suited with rugs and plenty of toys for him to experience the ultimate stay and keep him busy. He will be pampered with an additional outdoor romp and will snack on Blue Buffalo treats and goodies throughout the day.
Our LUXURY suites are approximately 64-square feet and cost $68.00 per night. 


The CLASSIC suites provide a very comfortable and accommodating stay for any dog. Our CLASSIC suite includes 3 daily outdoor romps and bedding.
Our CLASSIC suites range from 20 to 40-square feet and cost $32.00 per night. 

Five Star Upgrade

All of our FIVE STAR upgrade includes 4 daily outdoor romps, delicious treats throughout the day, a comfortable raised bed, bedding, a rug and pillows. 
Our FIVE STAR upgrade is $10.00 per dog (per day).

Small Dog Luxury Suites

Our commitment is to provide low stress and comfortable lodging to all of our furry friends, big and small. We know that small dogs tend to be more sensitive to new environments and some can feel overwhelmed when around large dogs. We have designed state-of-the-art cage-less suites for the little ones on the second story at our facility. These 24 sq. ft. Suites are designed to "feel like home". There will be no kennel gates but rather glass doors, plush luxury beds, tons of blankets, pillows and rugs, and easy chairs for staff snuggle time! 
$51 per night

The Ultimate Dream Suite

Our 120 sq. ft. Dream Suite is also on the second floor of our facility in the same low-stress environment! The Dream Suite includes a large luxurious bed with tons of bedding, a plush rug in front of an cozy electric fireplace, chase lounge, relaxing surround sound music, flat screen TV, and more!!! This suite was created for the ultimate resort stay to bring the highest level of comfort and relaxation possible to your favorite furry friends. 
$81 per night 






Boarding Rates 

Classic Suites: $33.00 per night
Five Star Upgrade: $10.00 per dog (per day)
Small Dog Luxury Suites: $51.00 per night
Luxury Suites: $68.00 per night
Dream Suite: $81 per night

Our boarding rates are by the night, similar to a hotel. 
  • Check in time is 11:00 am
In the event that you need to check your pet in before 11:00 am there will be an additional $15 surcharge per dog for that day. 
  • One dog: $33.00 per night
  • Two dogs sharing a run: $59.40 per night
  • Spot checks in at 2:00 pm on Friday and checks out at 6:30 pm on Sunday = (2 nights)
  • Spot checks in at 9:00 am on Thursday and checks out at 10:00 am on Monday = (4 nights, One $15 early drop off charge)
Please note: Canine Acres management reserves the right to separate dogs boarding together if they feel any of the dogs are not comfortable or safe staying together. In this case individual rates would apply. 
CLICK HERE for a printable New Customer and Pet Information Sheet

Multiple Dog Discounts

Multiple dogs (same run): 20% off
Note: First dog is the regular rate with 20% off per additional dog

Long-Term Boarding Discounts

We realize that there are times where your dog may need a place to call home for an extended period of time. If you go south for the winter, take a long vacation, or are in the middle of building a house we would love to have your dog stay with us. At Canine Acres we have had experience with numerous long-term stays anywhere from 2 weeks to almost a year. When you bring your pet for a long-term stay, you can rest assured knowing you are providing your dog with high quality services and care. Our staff enjoys every day spent with your special dog, where they really do become a part of our family. 
After 8 nights - 10% off complete stay
After 15 nights - 15% off complete stay
After 31 nights - 25% off complete stay & complimentary exit bath
Contact us for additional information.


Exit Bath: Only $25 Includes: Bath, brush out, & nails
(Does not include any de-matting or de-shedding, long haired or large breeds additional $15-$25)

Dog Boarding Amenities

CLICK HERE for a printable Amenities list.

*Will add an additional time outside

$1.50 Each per day (per dog)

Raised Bed
Tasty Treats
*Additional Outdoor Romp
$2.50 Each per day (per dog)

Greenie Dental Chew
Teeth Brushing
Gourmet Bedtime Biscuit
Filled Kong
$4.50 Each per day (per dog)

*Playtime with Staff
*Social Time with Canine Friends
*Nature Walk (Leashed walk around our Resort)
Relaxing Massage & Tummy Rub
Busy Chew Bone
*Game of Fetch
Indoor Cuddle Time
TV Time
Daily Text Update & Picture of Your Pet
**All amenity and packages rates are in addition to the normal boarding prices.



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