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Cat Boarding - Cattery

What you can expect...

To protect your feline from any possible disturbance caused by canines, we dedicated an entire, independent floor for all feline care. We respect and cater to your feline’s distinct needs. In addition to separating all their special services, we have separated the air and heating systems from the canine boarding area as well.

We've thought of everything, so you don't have to...

Sunlight continually fills our cattery through our large picture windows. These windows also enable our guests to enjoy a peaceful view of the outdoors. The tinted windows on the litter-box area provide privacy and cleanliness for our feline friends. They are located in a separate, connecting room from the sleeping and playing space of the condos. Moreover, the flexible, double-decked design of the condos allows movement for play and exercise.

Feast fit for a feline...

We believe that your cat deserves the best, which is why we serve Blue Buffalo cat food to our guests. This optional accommodation is given with no extra charge. Consider it a free gift that will pamper your pet and relieve you of any extra stress or hassle.

Fun in the sun...

Our special Sun Room allows for your cat to enjoy time basking in the warm sun while enjoying a perfect view of our hobby farm. They are provided an array of toys to tease their senses.

Cater to your cat...

All cats receive a minimum of two 30-minute playtimes in the Sun Room, daily housekeeping, and meals. All feedings are according to the owner's instructions. To make your cats stay extra special, we also have amenities that you can add to their vacation:
  • Treats
  • Luxurious bed
  • Blue Buffalo moist food for an afternoon snack
  • Extra playtime in Sun Room
  • Massage
  • Grooming
  • Nail trim

Boarding Rates

Cat Boarding

Our boarding rates are by the night, similar to a hotel.
• Check in time is 11:00 am. 
In the event that you need to check your pet in before 11:00 am there will be additional $15 surcharge per cat for that day. 
Condo: $27 per night
Multiple cats (same condo): 20% off
Note: First cat is $20, and 20% off per additional cat
• One cat = $27 per night
• Two cats sharing a condo: $48.60 per night
Please note: Canine Acres management reserves the right to separate cats boarding together if they feel any of the cats are not comfortable or safe staying together. In this case individual condo rates would apply.
• Kitty checks in at 2:00 pm on Friday and checks out at 6:30 pm on Sunday = (2 nights) 
• Kitty checks in at 9:00 am on Thursday and checks out at 10:00 am on Monday = (4 nights, 1 early drop off day charge)

Long-Term Boarding Discounts

We realize that there are times where your cat may need a place to call home for an extended period of time. If you go south for the winter, take a long vacation, or are in the middle of building a house we would love to have your cat stay with us. At Canine Acres we have had experience with numerous long-term stays anywhere from 2 weeks to almost a year. When you bring your pet for a long-term stay, you can rest assured knowing you are providing your cat with high quality services and care. Our staff enjoys every day spent with your special cat, where they really do become a part of our family. 
After 7 nights - 10% off complete stay
After 14 nights - 15% off complete stay
After 30 nights - 25% off complete stay & complimentary exit groom or bath (optional)
Contact us for additional information.

Cat Boarding Amenities

$1.50 Each per day (per cat)
Tasty Treats
Blue Buffalo moist food for an afternoon snack
$4.50 Each per day (per cat)

Relaxing Massage
Extra playtime in the Sun Lounge
Kitty Cuddle Time
*These rates are in addition to the normal boarding prices.



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