Canine Acres Pet Boarding & Grooming Services

1.     What are the kennels like and will our dog be outside at all?

Our indoor kennels vary in size and your dog/s will stay in size appropriate kennels to ensure their comfort.

We keep the boarding area at a comfortable temperature with the air conditioner and in-floor heat. Your dog’s comfort is our priority.

Included in your dog’s stay, your dog will be taken outdoors at least three times a day. He will either be taken on a walk or have time to romp around in the play area.

Each dog is also given one-on-one attention and is carefully watched for any signs of sickness or unusual habits.

2.     What will my dog need for his stay?

Accessories: You are more than welcome to bring your dog’s bed/blanket or favorite toys along for his stay here. We do provide blankets if you would rather not bring your own. Food and water dishes are also provided.

Note: For sanitary reasons, please only bring machine washable bedding and toys. We are not responsible for lost or damaged belongings.

Food: We feed BLUE Buffalo as our in-house dog food. Although it is not required that you bring your own food, we do recommend it, as an immediate switch in diet is typically not easy on a dog’s stomach. If you choose to bring your dog’s own food, please bring it an air-tight container and label it with your dog's name. 

Proof of vaccinations: We require that you bring proof of your pets vaccinations. No exceptions. 

3.     Will my dog be able to play with other dogs?

Your dog will have supervised interaction with other dogs while he stays at Canine Acres. All dog-to-dog interaction is very closely monitored to ensure the safety of each pet. Your dog will not have group interaction without owners consent and staff assessed temperament test.

4.     What vaccinations does my pet need?

We require that your dogs be current on:
Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
We require that your cats be current on:
Feline Distemper

5.     What sort of grooming services do you provide?

We provide small – large breed grooming services. For more information on our grooming services check out our Grooming page. For your convenience we also provide self-serve bathing. You may use our facility and shampoo to give your pet a bath.

6.     Will you administer medication?

We do. We appreciate a “medication schedule”, letting us know the dosage and frequency of medication, to ensure that all of our staff understands your pet’s medication needs exactly.

7.     Is my puppy too young/old to board?

We have had all ages of puppies/dogs stay with us and believe that boarding a young puppy is a valuable part of the socializing process.

8.     Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept credit or debit Visa, Master and Discover Cards.

9.  Is someone on site at all times?

The owners reside on the premises. Staff is there during business hours and walking times.


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